How to Participate WeStarter’s LPT Pool?

Please follow the instructions below.

3 min readJun 1, 2021

Step 1: Open the website to connect to your wallet, find the LPT pool and click on “Get WAR-HT LPT” to create an LP on

Step 2: Click on it and it will automatically jump to, first connect the wallet

Step 3: Confirm the connection and make sure there is enough HT, WAR in the wallet, enter the participation quantity to confirm the WAR-HT LP formation

Step 4: After build up the LP, return to the website, click “Enter Pool” to enter the LPT pool and participate in LPT swap.

If you owned WAR-HT LP already and it undergoing on Farming, please unstake certain amount of LP from the Farming function first (please don’t remove your LP from which will cause the permanent loss), then join the LPT Pool.

What is LPT Pool?

Users can participate the subscription of LPT pool by providing liquidity on WAR-HT pair of MDEX; i.e. the more LP users owned the more shares of assets they can redistribute eventually.The LPT pool will take the previous 24 hours’ WAR-HT price as the swap price, and the user will directly deduct the equivalent LP value when participating LPT pool.

Risk Warnings:

1、Digital assets are innovative investments based on the application of blockchain technology, which have a large risk coefficient. Please make sure that you have understood and be aware of the relevant knowledge of digital assets investment before making decisions.

2、WeStarter does not recommend, guide or encourage you to invest in any project in any way. Please make sure that you make investment decisions based on independent thinking and autonomy.

3、Please make the subscription strictly on the rules of the project. If the user has any illegal operation that affects the normal operation of the activity, the project has the right to cancel the participation qualification.

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