WAR Pool(DAO) V0.1 will goes live on June 8th 20:00 SGT! (Instuctions Attached)

WARers, we are pleased to announce that WAR Pool (DAO) will be launched on June 8th 20:00 SGT. WAR Pool is WeStarter’s governance pool, where you can stake WAR tokens to get a certain amount of WAR rewards. The governance pool will be a core feature in the WAR ecosystem. Strictly speaking, it should play the role of governance, but in V0.1, we only activated its mining function.

In V0.1, the WAR Pool does not set any barrier to entry and exit temporarily, as long as you hold a WAR you can stake your WAR to the WAR Pool to get WAR rewards.

What does WAR Pool mean?

We will first initiate the application scenario of WAR staking through WAR pool, and enlarge the scenario by step. Next we will develop a certain requirement after the WAR pool is settled, and the requirement is based on [the length of time of holding WAR in the WAR pool + the number of WAR being held] as the most important evaluation scale, and launch contribution credit — WAR age credit, the age credit = Σ (number of WAR being held * non-linear time weight).

With WAR Age Credits you will benefit from the following privileges.
1. Increased weighting to qualify for whitelist
2. the voting privilege to select your most approved projects in the project candidate pool to IWO
3. Initiate proposals or vote on proposals and participate directly in WeStarter’s governance
4. Get other privileges for the passing proposals.

How do I participate in the governance pool?

Step 1: Click Farms in the navigation bar on the WeStarter home page to enter the mining page

Step 2: After you enter Farms page, you can see the WAR Pool, from the information displayed on the pool, you can see the APY, total stake, my stake(%), WAR available balance, WAR reward and other data.

*APY represents the compounded annualized rate of return, which is the annualized rate of return for one year after reinvesting WAR rewards daily. The total stake and my stake data provide a clear view of the current stake in the pool.

How to do WAR mining?

Click “Stake”, if you are staking WAR for the first time, you need to Approve before you staking WAR. Click Approve, and then confirm the authorization in your wallet. Once the authorization is successful, you are ready to stake.

Step 2: Stake WAR
Enter the amount of WAR (if you don’t have more WAR, you can click Buy WAR button to buy WAR directly), click Stake, then confirm the transaction in your wallet, wait a moment to receive a successful stake message.

Step 3: Compound

To reach the shown APY , you need to compound every day manually, compound in WeStarter is very simple. Click Compound, a pop-up window will appear for secondary confirmation, click Confirm, then confirm the transaction in your wallet, wait a second and you will receive an alert that the compounding was successful.

About Claim(Unstake)

If you want to remove a Pledge WAR or Claim the WAR reward, you can click the Claim button. You will see the total number of Unstakes and the total number of WAR rewards earned. Click Unstake & Claim, then confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for a second to receive an alert that the transaction was successful.

Thank you for your consistent support, and we look forward to working with you to advance WeStarter into a promising future.

Cross fingers.



WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).

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WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).