WeStarter mining pool will be migrated to Binance Smart Chain

WeStarter always adheresto the original intention of “selecting highquality assets for users”. In view of the fact that the proportion of assets on BSCis largerin the IWO project,in order to better serve theproject, Will migrate part of the WAR(SVIP) DAO mining pool to BSC at 16:00 (UTC) on December 10, while keeping part in HECO to satisfy both BSC chain users and HECO users. The platform business on HECO will remain unchanged, as well as IWO, WAR(DAO) pool, etc., andthe liquidity and mining rewards on MDEXwillremain unchanged.

Users can use https://exchange.chainswap.com/#/bridgeto cross-chain HECO’s WAR to BSC to participate in WAR (SVIP) DAO mining.After a certain period of participation, you will be rewarded with WAR Badge, which means you will be eligible to participate in IWO directly.

WeStarter deployed HECO in February 2021 andhas received millions of dollars ofinvestment from more than ten investment institutions since itslaunch, andwasawardedthe second phase of”WeStarter.orghas been online for 10 months, serving 19 projects with thehighestgrowthrate.19 service projects, the highest increase of more than 100times, the project covers multiple chains and multiple tracks,such aslending, cross-chain bridge, Swap, NFT, GameFi,etc.38 IWO poolsareonline, and theamount of IWOis over 1 billion dollars.




WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).

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WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).

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