WeStarter Tutorial: How To Set Up the Heco Wallets

3 min readFeb 25, 2021

The WeStarter is a decentralized, permissionless crowdfunding platform based on the Heco network. In WeStarter, you can move faster access to the latest and most cutting-edge DeFi project. More information please go to our website: www.westarter.org

1. How to set up Heco wallet

If you don’t have a wallet yet,please visit Heco’s official tutorial:


MetaMask is recommended, and other Ethereum wallet browser plug-ins are similar

MetaMask wallet download address https://metamask.io/

Download metamask first, if you dont have one.

If you already have MetaMask, it can support the use of Heco after a simple one-step setup

1. Click the Ethereum MainNet in the upper right corn

2.Click Custom RPC

The setting example is as follows:

2.Participate in the WeStarter subscription process

Specific steps are as follows:

  1. Visit www.westarter.org and link to the wallet; check if there is a pool that is currently or will start to subscribe

Click “Enter pool” to enter the fundraising pool page.

Public fundraising pool (Public)=Any user can participate, which is allocated according to the amount of staking funds.

Private fundraising pool (Private) = conditional participation, generally whitelist qualified users can participate (see below for getting the whitelist method). After the subscription starts, the amount is determined according to the order of subscription.

Click Join Pool to enter the subscription pool

Confirm whether the subscription pool is in progress, if it is, please enter and confirm the amount you want to invest/stake.

2. If the staking is successful, the record will be displayed in the fundraising record, and you can wait for settlement.

According to the popularity of the project, it usually takes 1–20 minutes after settlement to claim the settled investment target and the unacquired investment amount.

4. Obtain the successfully subscribed target

When the status of the fundraising pool is updated to “settled/closed”, the claim status will be activated, click Claim to receive the token.

3. How to submit the project to WeStarter

Click “Project Application”, and submit the required project to the community manager as required.

The community manager will review the completeness of the submitted project information and get in touch with the recommender.




WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).