WeStarter Will Launch Corra.finance($CORA) on May 15th at 21:00 SGT. Whitelist is Open Now!

We are announcing that WeStarter will launch Corra.finance on May 15th at 21:00 SGT. Corra.finance is a plug-and-play platform that enables the monetization of digital content using NFT technology.

Subscription Tutorial: https://westarter.medium.com/westarter-tutorial-how-to-set-up-the-heco-wallets-5d8bfc253c78

Whitelisted Pool Details:

  • Time to start: May 15th 21:00 SGT
  • Time to claim $CORA: TBA
  • Total allocation: $30,000
  • Price per token: 12.5 USDT per $CORA
  • Total $CORA Tokens available in Whitelisted Pool : 2,400 $CORA
  • Total Seats: 300
  • Quota per user: $100
  • Funds will be raised by USDT.

Please notice:* Whitelist quotas limited to 500 users which randomly determined by the system, and only 300 of them are able to snapping $CORA up eventually, first come, first served.

Liquidity establishment place: will add liquidity at MDEX and Uniswap few days later after listing on Balancer and other CEX.

Getting Whitelisted

  • Whitelist open: May 10th
  • Whitelist close: May 13rd 24:00 SGT
  • Whitelist result announce: May 14th on @CorraFinance and @westarter_org Twitter account.

To apply $CORA Whitelist, please complete following:

1️⃣ Like, Retweet with quote, and tag 2 friends-https://twitter.com/westarter_org/status/1391769069125193736?s=20

2️⃣Follow @CorraFinance on Twitter

3️⃣ Follow @westarter_org on Twitter

4️⃣ Join CorraFinance’s Telegram Community Group

5️⃣ Join WeStarter’s Telegram Group

6️⃣ Join WeStarter’s Telegram Channel

7️⃣ Fill out this whitelist form

What is Corra.finance?

Corra is a plug and play platform that allows monetization of digital content using NFT technology. Corra will enable anyone to create and list NFTs for free. This means that regardless of your age, background, or income level, you will have the equal opportunity to monetize your digital content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms. This includes Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos, memes, songs, Tik Tok videos, or just about any form of digital content published online. Whether you are a KOL, a celebrity, public figure, a YouTuber, an Instagram model, a student, or just an individual, you have the same chance to turn your digital content into real money. The platform allows you to share it with your friends, fans, followers, and community, so they can own a piece of your IP to promote your brand and content. In addition, Corra will have a token called CORA that will be used to upvote your listed NFTs. The more upvotes you have for your listed product, the higher ranking and visibility your product will have on Corra’s auction page — this is very similar to paid marketing on Google search results to boost the visibility of your product and to increase the chance of getting a bid. You can raise your upvotes by sharing them with your friends and followers, and get them to upvote for you. Anyone can also upvote your product using CORA tokens. You can obtain CORA tokens from decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges using fiat or crypto currencies.

Learn more about the project:


Risk Warnings:

1、Digital assets are innovative investments based on the application of blockchain technology, which have a large risk coefficient. Please make sure that you have understood and be aware of the relevant knowledge of digital assets investment before making decisions.

2、WeStarter does not recommend, guide or encourage you to invest in any project in any way. Please make sure that you make investment decisions based on independent thinking and autonomy.

3、Please make the subscription strictly on the rules of the project. If the user has any illegal operation that affects the normal operation of the activity, the project has the right to cancel the participation qualification.

Follow us on telegram:

WeStarter English Group-https://t.me/westarter_official

WeStarter Announcement Channel-https://t.me/westarter_announcement

WeStarter Chinese Group-https://t.me/westarter_chinese

WeStarter Vietnam Group-https://t.me/WeStarterVN

WeStarter Japanese Group-https://t.me/WeStarterjapanese

WeStarter Indonesia Group: https://t.me/WestarterIndonesia




WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).

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WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).

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