As the first NFT of WeStarter, WAR Badge would be the ticket of WAR special offering campaign, IDO as well as the identity of Westarter community etc.

Westarter, born along with the Heco chain, is a DeFi protocol in assets distribution field. Amid the half a year development, over 100 thousands users invloved in 42 token initial offering campaigns live on Westarter. These DeFi users bring prosperity to our ecosystem with their arrival. Also in the same time, with the experience in Heco, they become the mature investers as well.

Ant Spirit is a trailblazer and guide, representing willpower, diligence, patience, tenacity, endurance, fidelity, cooperation and truthfulness. Such, let’s go further forward together!

To reward WeStarter users, WeStarter launched a special $WAR Shopping Campaign in deep discount.


1. Participated in WAR Pool (DAO) SVIP pool

2. Participated in the WAR Pool (DAO) pool

3. Participated in the WAR-USDT LPT pool

4. Participated in the WAR-HT LPT pool

5. Provided WAR-USDT LPT and WAR-HT LPT in

Users who meet any of the above conditions, and have participated in IWO, will get the WeStarter commemorative NFT, used for $WAR special discount. The snapshot will be taken at 17/11/2021 16:00 UTC.

$XNFT Farming Pool will Go Live on WeStarter This Week

WeStarter will go live with the XNFT mining pool (private) this week. The XNFT farming pool is only open to addresses that have successfully participated in the xNFT whitelisted pool and public pool on July 31st, or the users who participated WAR (DAO) mining before.

The details of the campaign are as follows: Wallet addresses that meet the campaign requirements will be eligible to stake $XNFT and will split a total value of 15,000 USDT equivalent WAR rewards, which will be linear released within 20 days.

All raised WAR (from xNFT whitelisted Pool) which worth 10,000 USDT value will be burned at the time of the launch of the XNFT farming pool.

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We are announcing that WeStarter will launch xNFT Protocol on July 30th at 17:00 SGT. The xNFT Protocol is an underlying technology that supports NFT transactions.

Subscription Tutorial:

Whitelisted Pool Details:

  • Time to start: July 30th 17:00 SGT
  • Time to claim $XNFT: July 30th 18:00 SGT
  • Total allocation: $10,000
  • Price per token…


WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network(Huobi eco-chain).

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